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Policy of privacy | New Art of Reloxes

1. Use and data processing of personal character

NEW ART OF RELOXES informs to him that the personal character data that could be provided, through website, as well as those that could facilitate in the future within the framework of their legal relation with this organization, will be incorporated in the files ownership again RELOXES ART, whose data consist in the heading.

These files have the purpose of managing, of administering, of serving to him or to if so facilitate the products to him that it asks for, and, for the fulfillment and execution of the contracts that could celebrate, to know better their tastes, to adapt the services to their preferences, as well as to be able to offer new services or products to him and to again send information to him related to the activities RELOXES ART, through any means, even the electronic one. The adressees of collected will be, mainly, the employees again RELOXES ART.

Safe in the fields in which specifically the opposite by means of an asterisk determines itself (*), the answers to the questions on personal data are voluntary, without the lack of answer to these questions implies a decrease in the quality of the services that You solicit. The lack of execution of the determined fields as obligatory or the provision of incorrect data will disable that NEW ART OF RELOXES can serve to him or facilitates the products to him that it asks for.

The consent granted for the treatment of its personal data, can at any time be revoked, going to the direction again ART OF RELOXES or through info@watches1688.com e-mail.

The users guarantee and respond, in any case, of the exactitude, use and authenticity of the facilitated personal data and is committed to maintain properly updated them.

2. Exercise of rights: access, rectification, cancellation and opposition

Those natural people who have facilitated their data to NEW ART OF RELOXES will be able free of charge to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition with respect to the data incorporated in the files again RELOXES ART.

Given the confidential character of the information, You will not be able to exercise his rights by telephone, she must ask for it by any means that put record of its shipment and its reception and to send to copy of her national identity document or equivalent document.

The interested one will be able to exercise its rights by means of communication directed in writing to NEW ART OF RELOXES in the indicated direction of the home or the info@watches1688.com email address.

3. Safety measures

NEW ART OF RELOXES informs to him that it has implanted the safety measures of technical nature and organizational necessary to guarantee the security of his personal character data and to avoid his alteration, loss and treatment and/or nonauthorized access, taking into account the state of the technology, the nature of the stored data and the risks to that they are exposed, or comes from the human action or physical or natural means.

The user must be conscious that the safety measures in Internet are not unconquerable and entirely trustworthy and that NEW ART OF RELOXES cannot guarantee the nonexistence of virus or other elements that could produce alterations in the computer science systems (software and hardware) of the user.

4. Juniors

Supposing that some of the services and products goes directed to minors of 14 years. NEW ART OF RELOXES will ask for the consent of the parents or tutors for the collection of the personal data of the minor.

NEW ART OF RELOXES does not respond of those data of minors who without being able to know NEW ART RELOXES this fact has facilitated without the consent of the parents or tutors.

5. Modification of the privacy policy

NEW ART OF RELOXES reserves the right to modify its Policy of Privacy, according to its own criterion, or motivated by a doctrinal change of the competent Authority in legislative or legal Protection of Data. Any modification of the Policy of Privacy will be published, before its effective application. The use of the Web after these changes, will imply the acceptance of these.

6. Applicable legislation

Any controversy that is derived from the use of this site, will be governed, interpreted and put under in agreement with the laws of Spain.