In our company, New Art of Reloxes we had expert professionals in the repair and restoration of old clocks. We value the confidence that our clients deposit in the trajectory and experience that we have in the sector.

In order to maintain in good state the old clocks them a preventive maintenance is due to practice regularly, since when prudent giving them every week they give off a dust that, over the years, is forming a film that can get to stop the good operation of the machinery. The cleaning turns out to be a easy task but that it requires much well-taken care of:

  • The machinery can be cleaned with smooth cloth or brushes; a blower could even be used (the hair dryer is not due to use since it insufflates hot air that circulates at much speed and could damage the operation of the clock).
  • It is important to use liquid designed for the cleaning of clocks and not any product; first, the product, is due to there be dew on a cloth and soon to be applied since if is sprinkled directly on the machinery of the clock, it could fall in places that will be affected by the humidity.
  • It avoids to put the clock in humid places so that the pieces do not oxidize.
  • The heat also is an enemy of the clock since they are possible to be debilitated pieces and to be aggravated the finished one remarkably.

If it has doubts, it can visit us in our store O'Donnell 28 of Madrid on the street.

We take care of all those lovers of the antiques that they look for to repair or to recover his old clocks to conserve them in optimal state through time.