In New Art of reloxes we counted on a full field equipment of personnel highly described in the repair and maintenance as all type of jewelry store; our expert valuers are specialized in old jewelry store, connoisseurs of the national and international market which allows us to offer service of transaction where they will more just evaluate the pieces to the price.

Our jewelry store, New Art of Reloxes, opened its store of calleO'Donnell 28 in 1996 after it closed by retirement of his propietary Art of Reloxes, business located in the Place of Santa Ana, where it worked and it formed as watchmaker Santiago Manso Mu±oz. He is a watchmaker specialized in the restoration of old clocks with more than thirty years of experience. Their knowledge as much mechanics as of history allow him to act in all the fields of the jewelry store with the greater respect by the piece that arrives at its hands.

In our 30 years in the market of the high jewelry store and antiques, we had clients and collectors worldwide, which allows us to acquire to the best price all our antiques.

In order to consider:

Many factors exist that take part at the time of determining the price of a clock. Certain brands maintain their value better than others and some clocks of collection even can merit more than when they were bought originally. Some of the elements that affect the value of the clocks are the following:

  • The demand of certain brands and models
  • The material of the clock (gold, steel, titanium)
  • Condition of the clock
  • Type of movement (automatic, of cord, quartz)
  • Tendencies of the market and style
  • Present listing of prices of the clocks


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